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1 FOCUS THE VOL. 78, NO. 7 JULY 2015 A family friendly publication of Memorial Christian Church THE COST OF FREEDOM The Greatest Purchace Ever Made POTHOLES Those Familiar Bumps In The Road DON'T SETTLE FOR A SMALL DESTINY God's Plan Is Bigger Than We Know Office Hours: Monday Wednesday 9:00 am 12:00 pm Pastor s Office Hours: Monday Wednesday 12:00 pm

2 THE COST OF FREEDOM The Greatest Purchace Ever Made Les came back from World War II without one arm and missing several fingers on the other hand. He has carried the price tag of freedom in his own body ever since. He is like so many who are among us who purchased and preserved our freedom at great cost. It is a cost they can never forget because they bear on their bodies and their psyches the horrors of war. But Les came back. Tens of thousands of others never came back from World War II, or Korea, or Viet Nam. The bombing in Saudi Arabia is just another reminder that the vigilance and cost of freedom is high. The old Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young line is true: Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground. On Independence Day, July 4th, let s remember that cost! YOU SEE, THE EMPTY TOMB IS THE SIGN OF ULTIMATE FREEDOM. There was a war for the entire human race in which freedom was purchased. This freedom was purchased at great cost as well. But unlike the freedom purchased for Americans, the symbol of that cost is not a hillside of white crosses or the Tomb of the Unknown or a black wall of names. As precious as these symbols are, they do not compare to the symbol of the Empty Tomb. This symbol transcends ethnic and national boundaries. The Empty Tomb is the symbol of the cost of true freedom for all people the cost of Jesus leaving the security and power of heaven and becoming earthbound and mortal. It is the symbol of the degradation of a crucifixion and mocking and agonizing death on a cross and three days in the ground. But the words to this tune are different. Find the cost of freedom, no longer in the ground. You see, the Empty Tomb is the sign of ultimate freedom. It is the reminder that we no longer have to fear death. All of our mortal fears are conquered. As the apostle Paul says, Death has been swallowed up in victory: Oh Death, where is your victory? O Death, where is your sting? For the Christian, Independence Day doesn t come once a year, but every week. The early Christians met on the first day of the week, Sunday, to take of the Lord s Supper. This is their Independence Day. By the end of the first century, Sunday had become the Lord s Day. On this day they remembered the Lord s death and anticipated his return because freedom from death had been won. Independence Day is the day of the Empty Tomb! So as each Sunday approaches, let s remember the cost of our freedom and give thanks! Chuck is MCC s Senior Pastor. He has over 30 years of experience as a Pastor and Church Planter. His messages are always relevant and down-to-earth as they apply the Bible s teachings to our lives today. JULY EVENTS CRAFT CIRCLE Tuesdays at PRAISE BAND PRACTICE Tuesdays at BIBLE STUDY Saturdays at MIGS Wednesday, July 1st at 6:30 pm INDEPENDENCE DAY Saturday, July 4th Have a Happy & Safe Day! CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING Monday, July 6th at 6:30 pm UNITY CIRCLE Wednesday, July 15th at 1:00 pm WINGS Wednesday, July 15th at 6:30 pm ELDERS MEETING Monday, July 20th at 6:30 pm GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD, FOR HE IS GOOD; HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER. (PSALM 107:1) Resuming In September MCC STAFF Chuck Dorsey Bobby Pinkston Carol Burns Rodney Millington Jenny Beck GET YOUR JESUS AND JAVA ON Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17 NIV Pastor & Focus Editor Worship Leader Church Historian Creative Director Bookkeeper The Focus 2 July 2015 July The Focus

3 MODERATOR S MOMENT POTHOLES A Youthful Future Our goal at MCC is to attract young families, and help them become disciples of Christ. Young adults and children have grown up in a fast paced world. Communication for them is via smart phones, ipads and computers. Those Familiar Bumps In The Road While driving along the African road, I focus my attention about 100 yards ahead. This allows me to watch for major obstacles such as dead cars, cows, or fallen trees. However, it also causes me from time to time to hit some small potholes. The Council saw a video this week that gave this example: Take a VBS (Vacation Bible School) program that would normally last five days, and deliver it to the Youth on Sunday in one hour. This is the pace they are used to. As long as the subject is relevant to them in their everyday lives; speaking of young adults and children, and something that is deemed to be useful, they may...or may not...come back for more. Young adults are looking for some meaningful instruction with problems of everyday life, and they like having the option of whether or not to take it. We have made many changes to try to appeal to young families and children, and we'll be doing more. So, where do we older adults fit into this picture? I think the majority of us have a positive nature. We are awesome 'encouragers'! Many times we can say we've been there or done that. It gives us the advantage of understanding and patience. We already know "this too, shall pass". We are an incomparable asset to the Church Family. We are mentors and friends. Let's continue to keep ourselves open to change. Most of all, be welcoming to all the new families we will be seeing. These young families are our future! As I discussed this with my traveling companion, she pointed out that different types of roads dictate how far into the future we can see. The smoother the road, the farther down it we can look. A rough road demands that we focus our attention immediately in front of the vehicle. To be a good driver, I must train myself to be aware of both the near and the distant. "ON THOSE DAYS FILLED WITH POTHOLES, I FIND IT ALL THE MORE NECESSARY TO START WITH AN ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE." all your ways will be established. Do not turn to the right nor to the left; turn your foot from evil. (Proverbs 4:25-27) On those days filled with potholes, I find it all the more necessary to start with an eternal perspective. How can I keep my foot from turning if I don t know where I am going? ~ by Faithe Thomas [Faithe Finley Thomas lived as a missionary in Ghana, West Africa for six years. Her book "Staying in the Breeze" is a thoughtful reflection of some of her experiences. NOTICE Love to you All, Linda LOYAL CRUSADERS ANNUAL ICE CREAM SOCIAL The Loyal Crusaders will not be hosting their Annual Ice Cream Social at Lincoln Park this Summer. It has become too difficult to do without additional help. Many of you are probably not aware of how much our Youth have benefited due to Loyal Crusaders fundraising efforts. It has been ongoing over the years. This Summer we are asking for donations of what you would have given; money for pies, supplies, ice cream. Those of you in the Congregation who would like to donate towards this, please let one of us know. Your help is much appreciated. So, too, in my life I am on a road whose surface changes with the circumstances around me. Some days go along smoothly. The road is wide, flat, and clear. I am able to focus on both my earthly responsibilities as well as my time with the Lord. Other days are filled with the potential potholes of rough relationships, difficulties at the office, or overwhelming temptations. I swerve around trying to avoid them. I focus on the potholes and my eternal perspective suffers. I take encouragement and instruction from the writer of Proverbs: Let your eyes look directly ahead, and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you. Watch the path of your feet, and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY Saturday, July 4 th The Focus 4 July 2015 July The Focus

4 July Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Church Council Meeting Elders Meeting MIGS Unity Circle 1:00 pm WinGS Independence Day The Focus 6 July 2015 July The Focus

5 DON'T SETTLE FOR A SMALL DESTINY Craft Circle God's Plan Is Bigger Than We Know We re-define ourselves according to our catastrophes. As a result, we settle for a small destiny! Think you've lost it all? You haven't. The truth is that God's gifts and God's call are under full warranty never canceled, never rescinded (Romans 11:29, MSG). HERE'S HOW IT WORKS. Your boss calls you into the office. As kind as it sounds, a layoff is a layoff. How will I pay the bills? Who's going to hire me? Dread dominates your thoughts. But then you remember your destiny. What do I have that I cannot lose? Wait a second I am still God's child. My life is more than this life. God will make something good out of this. I will work hard, stay faithful, and trust Him no matter what. Meeting Every BINGO! You just trusted your destiny. Another victory for God. It begins with a yes to God's call on your life! Joseph was stripped of his identity, thrown into a pit, and sold as a slave. His was a story of apparent defeat and insurmountable challenges. Yet as time passed, God worked through his circumstances to bring redemption and reconciliation for him and his family and deliverance for the people of God. Although it may seem hard to believe, with God's help, you can get through your difficulties, too. The story of Joseph's life didn't end in the pit and neither does yours. ~ By Max Lucado DEUTERONOMY 16:17 Monday, July 6th Council Mtg, 6:30 pm Monday, July 20th 6:30 pm July 2015 BRING YOUR NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS TO DONATE "EVERY MAN SHALL GIVE AS HE IS ABLE, ACCORDING TO THE BLESSING OF THE LORD YOUR GOD WHICH HE HAS GIVEN YOU." [ settlesmalldestiny.html] The Focus 8 WATERTOWN FOOD PANTRY FOOD DRIVE July 2015 CHRISTIAN CARE FOOD DRIVE BRING YOUR NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS TO DONATE 9 The Focus

6 CELEBRATIONS Anniversaries & Birthdays Donald& Donna Long Gerald & Barbara Stinocher Jesse & Melba Andereck Don & Margaret Simmons Marley Devoss Bob Pinkston Crystal Cutkomp Pat Marksburry Michelle Ricker July 6 th - 57yrs July 7 th - 25yrs July 10 th - 60yrs July 25 th - 62yrs July 10 th July 11 th July 18 th July 20 th July 21 st Amy Thomas July 22 nd Mary Lundy Scott Clark July 24 th July 29 th SERVANT OF THE MONTH MARGARET LAGE Our servant of the month is someone we all know! She's a hard worker; always there, and quietly working behind the scenes. Personally, Linda Swartz is so pleased to say that she is her "Mom" (adopted)! Margaret Lage!! We love you! A SPIRITUAL GIFT IS GIVEN TO EACH OF US SO WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER. (1 CORINTHIANS 12:7, NLT) THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS Please remember these in your prayers: Anna Sayers, The Hall Family, Jerry & Barb Stinocher, Ava Hall, Carolyn Haskins, Noah Lue, Waine Yeater, Amelia Whitworth, Sylvia Larssen, Ella Williams, Nellie Porter, Janice Conover, Ginny Blake, Wanda Pike, Linda Roller, Bob Engelman, Darry & Colleen Kannenberg, Dan and Christine Koester, Joanne Kline, Lynette Cameron, Peggy Walker, Loretta Smith, Cyndee Browner, Wade Rogers, Cecil Dorsey, Matt, Ava, Andy Simmons, Jacque Brandom, Crystal Raun, Shirley Rudd, Joan Shewell, Earl & Charlene Dreon, Evelyn Day, Collin LeVan, Julie Rind, Charles York, Hazel Anderson, and to all of those that are not on our Prayer List that are in need of your prayers. We have recently updated our prayer list, if you or anyone you know would like to be added to our Prayer List or those who would like a Home Visit, please contact the Church office. SERVING SCHEDULE TABLE ELDER Linda Swartz MEDITATION ELDER Laurie Peters COMMUNION PREPARERS Crystal Cutkomp Pat Kuehl HOME-BOUND COMMUNION Pat Kuehl FIRST IMPRESSIONS Mary Millington Please Volunteer CONNECTIONS CAFÉ Kim Dorsey Linda Miller VAN DRIVER John Allison The Focus 10 July 2015 July The Focus